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Kerri Hartman - Lunch Teacher

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"It's more than just being a Lunch Lady.  We have students that call us "Lunch Teachers" and we love it!” said Kerri Hartman.

“As a Cafeteria worker, we see the students every day.  We don’t just cook for them.  We develop close relationships. Sometimes we hear and learn more than we should about how kids are living; what's happened to upset them before they came to school, why they don't want to go home and why they are so happy.


Kerri was born in Goshen, Indiana and grew up in Leesburg, attending Warsaw Community High School. In May 2017 Kerri became the North Webster Elementary School Cafeteria Manager. “I so enjoy the summer lunch program and working with all of the staff of North Webster Elementary.”


According to Joy Goshert, Assistant Superintendent at Wawasee Community School Corporation, “Every time I’m around Kerri, I see her going above and beyond for students!  During the Covid-19 crisis, Kerri came in early because she finally had the right sized bananas for a special project.  She was writing encouraging messages on the bananas for the kids to read when they opened their meal bags.  It brought me to tears that Kerri wanted to be there early to make sure she had time to write messages on the bananas for our students!"

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