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Dixie Houck - Keeping Patients Safe

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This really is a team effort”, said Dixie Houck.  “I am so grateful for all the nurses and doctors and other Parkview personnel,” she said. “Nurses are stepping in and assisting with cleaning, too. My hat is off to all of them.

Dixie Houck is a member of the Parkview Warsaw Environmental Services team of essential heroes. A resident of Warsaw for 47 years, Dixie worked at as a custodian in the Warsaw Community Schools for more than a decade before joining the Parkview a little over a year ago. Although she doesn’t consider herself a hero, she recognizes the importance of her duties.  She feels a responsibility to keep patients and medical staff safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Parkview makes sure we are well-trained. Our team realizes
how important it is to follow guidelines and be extremely thorough,” she said.

It takes at least 45 minutes to clean an emergency room after a patient with suspected symptoms has undergone a respiratory treatment. The EVS team has to wait for an hour after the patient leaves before they can enter the room. Then, they don a hood, gown, mask, gloves, googles and shoe
covers before starting a methodical process of spraying and wiping every surface down.

“The cleaning process take time.  We get a bit hot in the protective gear, but it’s worth it to know that the space is as safe for the next person.”

She said that the entire Parkview team should be recognized during this difficult time, and she is thankful that everyone is doing their part.

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