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Kat Josellis - You can count on me!

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Kat Josellis is is putting the wellbeing of others before her own. “My greatest hope is that we will all find a way to help others during this time.” Katherine Josellis is a senior at Warsaw Community High School. While the Class of 2020 has lost so much, this JROTC cadet is on the front line.


Kat leaves her house every Thursday knowing the risk of COVID-19, but her four years of volunteering to pack food for children in need has given her resilience and determination to continue to be someone those little ones can count on! 


At Boomerang Backpacks, Kat wants her kids to know that her team will not stop packing their bags. They will not go hungry on her watch.


In her own words, “To me, the takeaway is knowing that because of our hard work here, our children of the community will not have to add hunger to their list of problems. They count on us! My greatest hope is that we will all find a way to help others during this time. Check in on people, donate to a charity, or
join an organization like United Way. Let’s work together to make sure nobody is forgotten.” 


Kat wants people to know that JROTC is here for this community. These incredible young people have packed hundreds of bags filled with food every Thursday. Rain days and fog delays were no exception...and even under these unprecedented circumstances, they’ll keep showing up!

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