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Taylor Gunter is shopping for our Seniors

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“I shop for the Grace Village residents because with everything happening, they cannot leave there building or have any visitors. I could not imagine feeling so vulnerable. It’s the least I can do to give them their essential food items so they can stay save inside.”, said Taylor Gunter.


Born and raised in Warsaw, Taylor is a senior at Warsaw Community High School and is shopping for groceries every week for the senior residents at Grace Village Retirement Community.


According to Taylor, “I was led into this role through my Internship at Intercession Group. They do a lot of positive things in our community and I wanted to help during this tough time. Jenna Stanton gave me the information and asked if I was interested to shop for the residents at Grace Village and I was all for it.” 


“The challenges I face are finding the food that they order. Some of the items are brands that I am unfamiliar with and it takes a little bit longer to get exactly what they want. With many people stocking up on food items some of the items may not be in stock so I have to try to get them the next best thing. It makes me happy that I help make it possible to get their favorite food items.”

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