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“It’s pretty simple”, said Tracy Furnivall, “I love what I do because we are providing opportunities for kids, just like I was given way back in the day.”

You don’t have to be in Warsaw very long before you start to hear about the great things happening at Baker Youth Club (BYC) and with its Executive Director, Tracy Furnivall.  Tracy was born in Rochester Indiana and moved to Warsaw when he was two years old.  He has lived and worked in the community ever since.

“I attended Baker Youth (Boys) Club growing up and have always had a passion for the Club. I always knew I wanted to work with and for kids. I sat on the board of directors for a few years and became the Executive director in 2003. I will be starting my 18th year in October. “

Early in his career, Tracy was hands on with kids. “I was opening and closing most nights and on the floor playing games and hanging out with the kids. As BYC has grown over the years my role has changed to a lot more administrative work. The main role today is grant writing, fundraising, policies, everything that an Executive should be doing. I do still get out on the floor some but not near as much I would like to.”

When asked about his job, Tracy replied, “It’s pretty simple, I love what I do because, we are providing
opportunities for kids, just like I was given way back in the day! Opportunities that many of the kids would not be given if BYC didn’t exists. The goal or hopes is to continue to provide hope for all kids, like the thousands that have come through the doors over the past 94 years.”

Tracy finished by expressing his thought about the community. “The biggest thing I wish, is the community had a better understanding about BYC, and the depth of our programming. Many people do not know all that we offer, from transportation, free snacks and meals, homework help, specialized reading programs, hours of physical activity and a safe and engaging place where kids can be kids and have staff members that will listen and help guide them. “

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