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Meet Megan Wilks - Advocating for Students with Disabilities

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“I am passionate about making sure that kids have what they need to learn and be successful in life”, said Meagan Wilks. “As the Director of Special Services, I have influence and the ability to make sure that this happens. I love working with educators!”

Meagan was born in Grand Rapids Michigan.  After graduating from Ball State, Meagan began working as a Special Educator at Akron Elementary School before becoming the Director of Special Services. She has been a part of the Tippecanoe Valley Family for 18 years.

According to Meagan, “I am a strong advocate for students with disabilities. I make it a priority to observe teachers and students often so I can support student learning or navigate roadblocks as they arise. I lead our Unified Game Day, which is a track and field day experience for students with and without disabilities in grades K-8.”

When asked about why her job is rewarding, Meagan answered, “When I see a kid make progress on a goal or build positive relationship with adults - I have done my job.  When our students start their adult lives, I want them to know they were part of FAMILY who cared for them and wanted them to successful!”

“At Tippecanoe Valley, we believe that all kids can learn at high levels. We have a saying “Valley Family Valley Pride.” Our team cares about kids and who they can become.  We work hard to ensure kids have what they need to be successful.”

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