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Meet Kathy Monesmith - Working with Families that Fall Through the Cracks

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My heart has always been with children, so when I got a chance to work for Early Childhood Alliance I went
for it,” said Kathy Monesmith.  “Parents are searching for ways to help their child succeed, exploring ways to do it well.  That’s where I come in.”

“I work with a lot of Hispanic families.  Although I don’t speak fluent Spanish, we work together splendidly.  We
get down on the floor, play games with their toddlers and learn a lot together.  During Covid-19, things got a
lot tougher. 

“For two months, I did virtual visits with families who were willing. There were a lot of successes and I’m proud of what we accomplished.  The biggest challenge is keeping kids engaged while you train the parents.  A good home visitor is able to do both.  I make sure the child is meeting targeted milestones. If a delay is seen, I look for ways to address those concerns and get the necessary help.”

Kathy said, “I see the joy I bring to the families I serve, both parents and children. I get to see the growth and connection that the parents are making with their children. What really gets me through the tough times is going to a home and seeing the improvement that are taking place due to my intervention for the parent’s involvement.”

“My dreams for the children are to have involved parents in their education and for all to have the opportunity
for early childhood intervention, hopefully starting at birth and continuing through those critical first five years.”

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