5 Ways Women are changing the World

By pooling resources, talents and passion, women are boosting their impact.

Leading the Charge, Inspiring Change

Women United of Northeast Florida empowers women to become leaders who fight for a stronger community.

All over the world, women are fighting for change – for the health, education and financial security of themselves, their families and their communities.

Some run for office. Some lead mass protests. And some work at a grassroots level to make incremental, substantive change for the people in their communities.

Many of these local women are part of Women United, a global group of women who work with United Way of Northeast Florida to connect with other change-makers and extend their impact. Here are a few examples.

1. Preparing kids for kindergarten

45 percent of children in Florida are not ready for kindergarten and 43 percent of Florida students cannot read at a minimally proficient level by the end of third grade. Children who can’t read proficiently by third
grade are four times less likely to graduate high school. To reach kids before
that critical age, Women United members in Northeast Florida are volunteers and
champions for ReadingPals, an early literacy
initiative that provides volunteer mentors for VPK
students who need
extra help utilizing one-on-one or small group settings.

2. Advocating for change

Women United members advocate for the health, education, and financial security of every person in our community. In November, a group of local Women United members traveled to Tallahassee to speak with state legislators about issues that reflect and enhance United Way’s work in the community, including affordable housing, volunteer income tax assistance, high-quality early learning and more.

3. Creating meaningful mentorships

Knowing female professionals face unique challenges, Women United hosts an annual
signature event, Up Close and Personal, where a panel of women leaders share
their personal, professional and philanthropic insights. Through intimate
round-table discussions, this event encourages women to share their strengths
and successes to inspire and empower fellow female leaders.

4. Rolling up our sleeves

Women United members volunteer their time and talent throughout the year in our
community. Whether they are distributing food through Day of Action, or
renovating a school’s storage space so that mental health professionals have a
private space to counsel students, Women United members are leading the way to
create hands-on change.

5.Uniting as a network of donors and volunteers

Women United, a growing, global group of more than 75,000 women, is dedicated to
creating more opportunities for everyone. By networking, sharing ideas, pooling
their resources and focusing their time on key causes, members have raised more
than $2 billion since 2002.

Interested in joining this elite network of women changemakers? Contact Emily Lawrence, manager of affinity groups and individual engagement at 904-390-4003 or emilyl@uwnefl.org.

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