Couple saves thousands thanks to United Way

RealSense has changed the Bostons' lives for the better

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Donald and Judy Boston are so thankful for RealSense.

RealSense, United Way of Northeast Florida’s financial stability initiative, provides free financial education, counseling and tax preparation services to help people save money and build assets.

Since RealSense began 13 years ago, the Bostons have used the initiative’s free tax-preparation services, learning so much along the way.

Mr. Boston is disabled. Many years ago, the insurance company started paying his wife for his care rather than hiring someone. However, they were being taxed on this income when they should not have been.

About five years ago, they started coming to RealSense Prosperity Place to file their taxes. The tax preparer informed them this should not be taxed on this income. He identified and provided a letter they needed to submit annually to avoid this tax. In addition, the tax preparer went back several years and was able to get them a refund of the over-payment. They received more than $10,000, which was an immense help to the couple.

Their experience with RealSense has been life changing because the Bostons received information that saved them thousands of dollars. They would not have known otherwise.

The couple says they continue to come back to RealSense year after year because they always receive great service and learn new information on a variety of tax-related topics.

For example, this year, the Bostons learned they should track their medical co-pays and mileage to and from the doctors and pharmacy so they can deduct this at tax time. Also, they learned they could use Goodwill’s website to get an estimate of items donated so they can take a more accurate deduction of that charitable contribution.

RealSense has changed the Bostons’ lives for the better, sharing valuable information, helping them save money and, ultimately, allowing them to live more financially stable.

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