United Way partner helps 31-year old women conquer breast cancer

Molly is cancer free thanks to We Care

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When you meet Molly Madray, she is so full of life. In her mid-30s, she loves spending time with her boyfriend, family and friends. Her quick wit always cracks smiles.

In October 2014, her happy, active life was suddenly in question.

Unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer at age 31, Molly did not have health insurance. Her mom, Jana, paid $1,000 out of her pocket for Molly’s biopsy. From there, they didn’t know where to turn.

Upon learning about Molly’s life-threatening diagnosis, her primary-care physician referred Molly to We Care Jacksonville, a United Way of Northeast Florida-funded agency. We Care is a coalition of health-care professionals and hospitals that donate primary and specialty care to Duval County’s uninsured, homeless and medically under-served.

Because of We Care, Molly was connected to a complete system of care for her breast cancer: oncology, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. She received tens of thousands of dollars in health-care services at no charge.

“I love this organization,” Molly said in a 2015 Florida Times-Union story. “I don’t know what to do to repay them. That help meant the whole world to us.”

Molly is now cancer free and alive today thanks to We Care, its network of hardworking physicians and the power of United Way partnerships.

“Because of their dedication, their belief in helping those who truly need help, they saved Molly,” said Jana.

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