Good Financial Habits Help Anita Build a Stable Life for Herself and Her Son

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Anita is the single mother of a 7-year-old child on the autism spectrum. She and her son were struggling financially since she left her abusive husband. She became eligible for an affordable housing subsidy, but because she was living on such a limited income, she was unable to save for the security deposit she needed to move in. 

To help her get into the affordable housing she so desperately needed, Anita attended one of the financial stability and coaching programs funded, in part, by the Financial Stability Program of United Way of Western Connecticut. 

Anita had a savings account in Southbury but lived in Bethel. She was not comfortable using a debit card, so she was driving back and forth to take money out of her savings account in Southbury. The budget coach sat down with her and analyzed her monthly income and spending habits. Anita had never done this before and was amazed at how much she learned. The coach advised her to open a bank account locally and showed her how to track her money. She learned that cutting back on non-essential spending would free up enough disposable income to get a small loan towards her security deposit, and that repayment would begin to rebuild her credit.

Through Financial Stability Programs funded by United Way, struggling parents learn good financial habits that will last a lifetime, benefiting themselves and their children. By donating to our Financial Stability Program, you’ll be giving struggling parents a hand up, not a hand out.

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