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Healthy families make strong communities and bright futures

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Too many of our neighbors struggle with food security. With your help, we can continue to make healthy food more affordable and accessible.

Struggling households are often forced to make difficult choices based largely on their budgets, such as forgoing preventative healthcare or healthy food choices.

We know that food is the budget item over which struggling households exercise the most discretion. You can’t lower your housing or transportation costs, but you can choose to skip meals or find inexpensive food, which often has a lower nutritional value. This leads to long-term health consequences and negative impacts on children’s performance in school.

United Way is looking ahead toward long-term systemic change and developing new models for struggling households to acquire affordable and healthy food. We’re exploring and implementing innovative ways to make healthy food more affordable and accessible to struggling families where they live and shop:

  • Making fresh, healthy food more affordable at grocery stores so people can shop with dignity and choose the foods their families like, through the Healthy Savings Program.
  • Providing backbone support to the Danbury and Stamford Food Collaboratives so that food providers can effectively work together to feed our communities.

Your support helps us achieve measurable, lasting impacts on the lives of local families through investments in health and food security. Join us.

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