Innovative Program Allows Donna to Purchase More Healthy Food

Donna can bring home nutritious food from the store, despite her tight budget

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United Way of Western Connecticut recently got an excited call from Donna, a single woman in her 50s. She’s currently struggling to get by on a few odd jobs, so her income varies considerably from month to month.

“I’m just calling to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much!” she exclaimed. She had just been to the grocery store and was excited about how much money she saved using the new Healthy Savings program that United Way offers to help individuals and families save on groceries.

“I bought rice, I bought juice, I bought granola. It was so great because the total came to $27. But when all the discounts came through, I ended up paying only $13. It was absolutely amazing. I also got an extra $2 off my produce!”

Donna saved all this money by using her Healthy Savings card and coupons provided to her through a new program offered by United Way to help struggling people purchase more healthy food in the grocery store.

With Healthy Savings, shoppers can save 50% on produce, saving up to $10 each week on $20 of fruits and vegetables. They can also save $50 or more on other healthy foods, such as lean meats, milk, eggs, bread, and cheese.

We at United Way love Healthy Savings because it allows hard-working people to shop with dignity in the grocery store, while purchasing more fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, and other nutritious foods. We hear too often that people end up purchasing high-carbohydrate, nutrient-poor food, because it’s less expensive. Healthy Savings is just one of the innovative food programs we are implementing to make life easier—and healthier—for the hard-working people we call ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income, Constrained, Employed).

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