Mary Rose Benefits From The Giving Fund

Retiree Uses Funds to Help with Home Repairs as She Battles Cancer

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Every year, at the start of the holiday season, we reach out to social service agencies and nonprofits to collect anonymous stories of clients in dire need due to difficult life situations—people who just need some short-term financial help to get them through a crisis. These become our Giving Fund stories. Publicized in the Danbury News-Times, the Giving Fund gives residents in Greater Danbury an opportunity to help their neighbors in need during the holidays. 

This past year, we were particularly touched by a story submitted by Bethel Social Services about Mary Rose, a senior citizen living on her own and battling cancer.

Her retirement funds were dwindling quickly as she spent money on medical co-payments and deductibles, gas to get to doctors’ appointments, and expensive nutritional shakes. Megan Alworth-Khazadian, Director of Bethel Social Services, described Mary Rose as a “sweetheart,” and a helpful, positive person despite dealing with the symptoms of her disease and treatments, including muscle loss, fatigue, and nausea.

Mary Rose had no money left for basics like clothes or home repairs. She wrote us a kind note that said: “You cannot imagine the extent of my happiness to be the recipient of such a generous gift! I put the money toward a much-needed water heater, a tank of oil, and an insurance premium. Your generosity will not be overlooked and I wanted to say thank you.”

Megan Alworth-Kazadian, Bethel’s Director of Social Services said, “United Way has been my biggest support since I began my job here. The resources you provide to our community have a great impact on the recipients.”

Through The Giving Fund, and in all the work we do, United Way of Western Connecticut is honored to connect people in need with those who have the resources to help them.

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