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You can help move the needle for hard-working households in our community. Your gift helps United Way fight and win for struggling families.

You know how people are working hard, sometimes more than one job, but still can’t pay their bills? United Way gives them a hand up.

We call these families ALICE®(Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) and with your support, we provide programs 
and funding for services to help them get ahead.

Freddy is a toddler whose parents and step-parents work very long hours. His grandparents were able to help with childcare at times, but it was exhausting for them, and Freddy wasn’t spending any time with children his own age.

Thanks to scholarship funds from the United Way, Freddy’s parents were able to enroll him in a licensed, high-quality childcare center. As part of the program, Freddy and the other toddlers are observed and assessed to make sure they are developing as they should for their age.

The classroom teachers had some concerns about Freddy—he was struggling with problem-solving skills and wasn’t interacting with the other children. The teachers and Freddy’s parents met and created an individualized learning plan for him. Daily activities were designed to help him develop socialization and problem-solving skills. The staff and parents are working together, and Freddy will be referred for additional services if he needs them.

“Without United Way funding, Freddy would not be enrolled at our center,” the center director said. “He would be missing the opportunity to have a comprehensive and community approach to his development.”

So many families work long hours to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads. United Way funding gives their children the opportunities that other children have—to attend quality childcare that encourages their development and connects them to community resources.

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