Thank you for showing your neighbors the power of community

Your support shows what it means to Live United.


The ALICE Emergency Fund helps those in Greater Danbury, Greater New Milford and Stamford struggling during this crisis.

Thank you for your support of our COVID-19 relief funds for struggling families across Connecticut. We thought you'd like to hear from some of our neighbors who you've helped through your generous support:

C., a recipient of the Connecticut Statewide Fund:

“I have never had to ask for assistance before now. In fact, I have always donated to my local food pantry and annual children’s clothing drive locally. Both myself and my husband are in the hospitality industry and now currently out of work due to COVID-19. We had to ask for food and the local food pantry was happy to give to our family. We then learned about United Way’s Relief Fund from our local social services office, and [received] much needed help. We will use this money to buy what our family really needs right now. Thank you!”

See how your support is making a difference for our neighbors.

United Way is helping manage volunteers for other agencies during this difficult time. In fact, staff members are stepping in to help some of our most vulnerable neighbors meet their most basic and immediate needs.

 "We were short on volunteers at [a local food agency], so I went to pack and deliver for an entire family that was COVID positive. Of course, we would leave the food at the door so there is no client contact. [The agency] had just gotten a delivery and was packed with food! I packed enough for a family of two adults and three children to last at least two weeks, including cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter, jelly, bread, vegetables (canned, fresh and frozen) milk, orange juice, eggs, frozen fish, chicken, pork, six prepared portions of beef stew prepared by Sodexo, three large prepared soups, cookies and other treats for the kids, paper goods, soap, and some cleaning supplies. I delivered at least 10 bags to this home and felt really good that this family would be taken care of."

Your donation has a multiplier effect, as local leaders and governments count on United Way of Western Connecticut as a convener of community agencies to facilitate front line support where it is most needed locally. All of this is only possible because of your donations and support.

New Milford Mayor Pete Bass says:
"United Way of Western CT is an integral part of the New Milford community, not only with their ongoing support of our ALICE families, but also as a member of our COVID-19 task force, helping us to keep New Milford strong during this challenging time."

Bethel Social Services Director Megan Alworth-Khazadian had this to say:
“The resources [that United Way of Western CT] provide[s] to our community have a great impact on the recipients. United Way makes a difference and I am so fortunate to witness firsthand the emotion of relief the Connecticut United Ways COVID-19 Response Fund provided. Thank you so much for thinking of Bethel's residents once again.”

Your gift is proof that even though we are apart, we remain United. On behalf of the neighbors we have helped so far, and the ones we will be able to now, thank you.

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