United Way's ALICE Enrichment Fund Levels The Playing Field

Enrichment Activities Help Students from Struggling Households Gain Skills

United We Fight. United We Win.

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Across Western Connecticut, hard-working families we call ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) work tirelessly to make ends meet. But, after paying for basic necessities, these families often find that they can’t afford to pay for extracurricular activities that allow their children to explore their interests and broaden opportunities available to them, including team sports, music lessons and other enrichment activities.

Karen Simpson reached out to United Way in hopes of finding some assistance to pay for enrichment activities for her two sons, Ethan and Alex, ages 11 and nine. Karen was thrilled to learn about United Way’s ALICE Enrichment Fund, which pays for extracurricular activities for children living in families who fall within the ALICE income threshold.

With the help of United Way, Karen was able to send her boys to a ski camp through their school. Her appreciation was palpable as she told us about her sons' participation. "I am so happy to report that the boys had an amazing time and came home so excited,” says Karen. “They have never been on a slope before, and all night they raved about the experience. Look out, Shawn White!”

“Thank you, United Way, for allowing for this ski adventure to come to fruition and for allowing these boys to fit in with many of their peers,” Karen exclaimed. “Your organization levels the field to equality and really adds hope to this world. Please know that the boys and I are very appreciative and very blessed."

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