Volunteering to Invest Community Resources for a Bright Future

“The opportunity is rewarding on many levels"

Review and Have a Say

Apply your skills to help evaluate local applications for funding to make a impact on the lives of struggling households in Western CT!

At United Way of Western Connecticut, we are so grateful to benefit from the generosity of volunteers who donate so much of their time and talent to making communities throughout Western Connecticut strong, resilient and vibrant. Volunteering is great for you and your community. The best part? You can find an opportunity that uses your skills and relates to what you are most passionate about.

“I can’t say enough about how rewarding my volunteer time working with the United Way,” said Alicia, who served as a grant reviewer for applications for our after-school funding for Stamford. “United Way puts together a thoughtful and well-organized grant review process to ensure that monies donated are put to the best possible uses to support elevating the lives of the more vulnerable children in Stamford.”

“The opportunity is rewarding on many levels: seeing firsthand the good work that the organizations are bringing to the community, hearing success stories of the children going through them, and learning how United Way continues to support excellent programs for children that might not otherwise have the chance to participate in such solid after-school programs, is all personally rewarding.

With the help of community members like Alicia, we are able to leverage our community investments into programs that can meet identified needs and help our students reach their greatest potential.

United We Fight. United We Win.

You can help move the needle for hard-working households in our community. Your gift helps United Way fight and win for struggling families.

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