We’re Coming Back Stronger: 2020 Campaign for the Community

It’s time to come back fighting for our neighbors in Western Connecticut

United We Win for a STRONGER community.

You can help move the needle for hard-working households in our community. Your gift helps United Way fight and win for struggling families.

The first half of 2020 knocked down our hard-working neighbors and friends, the people who live paycheck-to-paycheck that we call ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). Many lost jobs or wages, and many felt the inequities laid bare by the pandemic and civil injustice very deeply.

When the pandemic first hit, we RESPONDED quickly, getting food and funds to people in need within the first few weeks:

United Way of Western CT's COVID-19 Response

Now we’re inviting you to help us work with community partners to RECOVER from the financial after effects, REIMAGINE how we can come together in new ways to move forward, and REBUILD the lives of people who were financially devastated so we’ll all be more resilient in the future. We’re focused on three things:

FOOD SECURITY. Everyone should have access to healthy food. Calls for food assistance to 2-1-1 this spring were five times what they were in the spring of 2019. Families are still recovering. Our Healthy Savings program lets people buy the nutritious food they prefer at the grocery store. And our Danbury and Stamford Food Collaborative members are on the front lines, getting food to those in need, with backbone support from United Way.

CHILD CARE AND EDUCATION. To build resilience, we have to focus on our children as the future of our community. ALL children deserve the bright future that quality care and a good education provide. Our education-focused community partners, as well as our Cora’s Kids initiative in Danbury and Stamford Cradle to Career, are giving children the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives.

STABILIZING ALICE’S FINANCES. Even before the pandemic, 40% of Americans did not have $400 in the bank to handle an emergency expense.* We want to change that. ALICE Saves includes two programs: SaverLife offers matched savings that incentivizes lower-income workers to get in the savings habit; TrustPlus is a free online budget coaching program that provides information and advice on how to save for things like higher education or a down payment on a house. By saving and planning for the future, ALICE can start to build generational wealth, which stabilizes the whole community.

* 2018 Federal Reserve Report on Economic Well Being


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