Katelyn's Story: I was finally ready

Life just doesn't seem as hard anymore even when difficulties do arise.

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Katelyn is a mother of one and a student at Indiana University Northwest. She has reached some low points in her life, but through the power of United Way, Housing Opportunities and therapy she has overcome what she thought was once impossible.

After violating probation multiple times and battling an ongoing alcohol and drug addiction, Katelyn finally sought help. Although she had gone to therapy before, this time was different. She was ready to be truthful with her therapist and with herself. “I was finally ready to admit I had a problem and was willing to get the help I needed, doing everything possible - whatever it took.” In addition to seeing a therapist, Katelyn went to couples' counseling with her child's father to work things out and make life more peaceful for their daughter.

Now, Katelyn studies psychology and criminal justice at IUN. She is working hard to rebuild her GPA. Katelyn says that the temptations are still there when life gets stressful, but she knows that there are other ways of coping.

“Life just doesn't seem as hard anymore even when difficulties do arise. I have learned to look at my thought process and completely change my way of thinking -- keeping in mind that having a thought, even if not the most positive, is okay. It's the behavior that follows that thought that truly matters.”

Katelyn is thankful for the opportunities she has been given to better her life and even more thankful for therapy for showing her that life is worth living. All has been made possible thanks to donors like you.

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