Samuel's Story: First Steps to a Better Future

Learning how to raise a child with special needs

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When the Sosnowski-Rocha family was blessed with a second baby boy, their world changed in more ways than one. Their son Samuel was born visually and hearing impaired and experienced mild seizures.

Sam's parents learned quickly how to balance time between children, work and Samuel's special needs. Many people didn't understand the family’s situation, so people would often stare at Samuel instead of interacting. Sam’s older brother recognized that his brother was different and often stands up for him to express how special Sam is to him.

The main challenge his parents faced was recognizing Samuel’s needs and making sure they could afford the necessary equipment to help with his physical development.

“At first, I was so worried because I wasn’t sure what to do after our medical insurance refused to pay for Sam’s equipment," said Sam’s mother. "Sam really needs the adaptive equipment to help him grow and without them, he may not be able to stand or walk properly.”

And, that when they met Diane with Porter County Association for Handicapped Children and Adults (PCHCA). Supported by United Way donors, PCHCA helps families afford the necessary special needs equipment and therapies that insurance may not cover.

Without help from PCHCA, United Way and other community partners, the family would have had a much harder time learning how to raise a child with special needs. Sam's future is brighter now and the family has the support it needs thanks to PCHCA, United Way and its donors. 

Without our donors, healthcare services like this would not exist. We appreciate your support in helping us support a network of quality education, health and financial stability programs in Northwest Indiana for all residents.

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