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Salon owner gets a helping hand

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Growing up in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood of Tampa, Kimberly Norton never imagined that she would one day be an entrepreneur, doing her best to give back to the community that’s done so much for her. But, after losing her banking job due to the recession of 2008, she decided to turn her hobby of doing nails into a full-time career.

She visited the United Way Suncoast Resource Center at Sulphur Springs as she was opening her salon, hoping to promote her business and build relationships. She had no idea that one day she would need assistance from the center. After leasing salon space for 16 months, she discovered the person to whom she had been paying rent was not the legal representative of the landlord, and then was served with an eviction notice. At a loss, Kimberly turned to the center for help.

There, she met a lawyer for Bay Area Legal Services, a long-time partner at the center. Working together, they were able to get her wrongful eviction case dismissed. Kimberly doesn’t know what would have happened to her without this help. She says she probably would have just given up.

Since receiving that hand up, she continues promoting the center to her clients, telling them, “Go and sit down with someone, get to know these people, because they really have a heart and a passion for what they do.” Kimberly continues to pay it forward by using her salon to reach out to people, make a difference in her community and help others on their path to success.

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