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A Single Mom Finds Help And Hope

Camila's Story

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From Making Ends Meet To Thriving
Camila is a single parent whose journey to financial success began when a United Way SparkPoint center helped her access childcare services so she could focus on her job search. Tired of struggling to make ends meet, Camila utilized multiple SparkPoint services. Before, she never made more than minimum wage. Now she's on a path to a career and making enough to fully support her family.

Our SparkPoint Initiative
These one-stop financial centers offer a variety of free services to help build brighter futures. SparkPoint is an effective, proven model that offers integrated services to help people end the cycle of poverty through free job coaching and training, education, and financial literacy. We have more than 15 locations throughout the Bay Area and our newest center in San Jose, California, is the third SparkPoint center based in a community college. LEARN MORE

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