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From Cleaning To Coding

Ana's Story

Together, We Can

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A Flyer Leads To A Rewarding Career
Ana stopped attending high school so she could get a full-time job cleaning houses to provide for her family. She found a flyer for MissionTech (a United Way Bay Area supported program) where she spent two months gaining technical skills that turned into a rewarding career. Before learning these valuable technical skills, she was cleaning houses -- now she’s saving for her own home.

Our 2-Generation Approach
Get an extra job or help my kids with homework before bed? Pay to keep the electricity on or provide my family meals all week? These are hard questions that too many in the Bay Area are forced to answer each week. But supporting parents is just half the battle in helping families thrive—kids also need support, both at home and in school. Children living in poverty are five times more likely to drop out of high school and only nine percent will obtain a college degree. LEARN MORE

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