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Your generous gift helps our neighbors in crisis meet their basic needs and find stability in these uncertain economic times.

Food. Health. Housing. Transportation.

United Way is here to support our neighbors through crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a health and economic crisis. Since early March, United Way has played a key role in our community’s response and is working to ensure local nonprofits have the resources and capacity needed to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Too many people in Central Indiana are discovering what it feels like to have their basic needs disappear.

For many of our neighbors who have lost a job, panic is setting in. How will I provide for my family? How can I possibly pay my rent or make a car payment? 

For seniors, isolation equals despair. How will I get my meals and medicines delivered in times like this? Who can help me cope during this crisis when we can’t be near each other?

For children, these times are confusing. Where do I go if my mom becomes sick? Why don’t we have enough food?

For our community to thrive after this crisis is over, we must focus on uplifting the well-being of every family. We must help remove the barriers to quality healthcare, nutritious food, transportation and safe housing that prevent people from achieving their full potential.

That’s where the Basic Needs Fund comes in. Partner organizations receiving grants from the Basic Needs Fund provide the essentials to help stabilize individuals and families in crisis situations. Funding is also directed toward building community resilience through investment in Central Indiana’s human services network to help prevent crisis – not just react to it.

Click here to learn more about organizations supported by the Basic Needs Fund.

We will not lose hope. We will not abandon our dreams. We will not leave any family behind.

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