How One Local Program Helps Seniors Stay Independent

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An unexpected death of a spouse is never easy, no matter the circumstances. When Cole's* wife passed away, not only was he stricken with grief, but he also quickly came to the realization that he would not be able to afford to stay in the mobile home he and his wife used to share. 

Like many seniors, Cole and his wife had a limited amount in their savings and relied heavily on Social Security to make ends meet. With a dramatic decrease in his monthly income, Cole realized that his finances would be too much to handle on his own and he was facing eviction.

More and more seniors are finding themselves in the same financial situation as Cole. Seniors are reaching retirement without enough savings and as housing costs and medical expenses rise, there is not enough money to live off of.  According to the latest estimates by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, more than 30% of 55 and older households lack some form of retirement savings.

A Glimmer of Hope  

With no one else to turn to for support, Cole went to Senior Services of Central Illinois. Senior Services of Central Illinois provides one-on-one assistance in dealing with physical, family or other related losses that occur through their Comprehensive Elder Assistance Services (EAS) program. Cole’s EAS counselor comforted him and offered him the hope he needed to make it on his own.

After assessing his current financial situation, Cole’s counselor helped connect him with federally-subsidized senior housing options that would meet his needs.

Cole is now living independently in his apartment. Senior Services of Central Illinois counselors are there to not only provide assistance obtaining access to local, state and federal programs, but are there to help through the grieving process.

United Way of Central Illinois is proud to partner with Senior Services of Central Illinois. To offer this program in the community, we rely on the generosity of people in our community. 

*Names changed to protect the identity of individuals

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