How You Can Help Kids Overcome Trauma

Your support helps kids in our community live happy and healthy lives.

Change a Child's Life

Your support can help more children overcome early trauma.

Nine-year-old Candice had physical and emotional trauma symptoms after being removed from her parents’ care. They could no longer take care of her needs, and with increased outbursts at home and school, the effects of her home life were impacting her overall well-being.

But thanks to her counseling treatment at Lutheran Child and Family Services (LCFS) of Illinois, Candice is now physically and emotionally healthier. She’s living with a foster family and has fewer outbursts, as her counseling has helped her cope with past trauma and express her emotions.

“Trauma impacts all areas of a child’s life and has a long-term impact,” said Stephanie Davingman, Clinical Manager at LCFS.

United Way of Central Illinois is proud to partner with LCFS. Support of the counseling program has provided over 570 hours of mental health and trauma-informed services to Sangamon and Mendard Counties children and adults. And it’s working; this year, 95 percent of those treated showed improvement in their mental health as compared with when they first came to LCFS.

Trauma can have lasting physical and psychological effects if not treated. In fact, research shows that 80 percent of people with a mental health diagnosis likely experienced trauma. Trauma increases the risk of issues such as pulmonary disease, liver disease, heart disease, depression, and even suicide attempts. This affects our community locally too; 44 percent of all respondents considered mental healthcare access as an extremely or very serious issue facing our county, according to the 2019 Sangamon County Citizen Survey.

Our grant funding with LCFS brings these services within reach for many in our community – at no cost to them. Without this funding, stories like Candice’s could be very different.

Your dollars make a difference. This support ensures Sangamon County and Mendard County children have access to the services they need to overcome difficult experiences, giving them a chance to live happy and healthy lives. 

Give today and help our community overcome trauma – together.

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