COVID-19 Economic Recovery Fund

Struggling Working Families Need Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Support struggling, working families during COVID-19 Pandemic

Families may suffer a loss of income due to COVID-19 in the following ways: unpaid absence due to illness or caring for a sick loved one, job loss related directly or indirectly to the virus, increased child care needs due to school and child care closures, and the potential inability to pay for basic needs like; housing, utilities and food bills.

In response to COVID-19, United Way of Delaware, Henry & Randolph Counties is offering emergency grants to nonprofits helping struggling working families during the crisis.

As the pandemic unfolds, United Way is partnering with nonprofits to make sure income supports and assistance are in place, and increased if possible, for those families who have been hit the hardest.

United Way's previous fundraising success have allowed for the creation of this emergency grantmaking fund which has limited capacity to grant. Given the uncertainty of the coronavirus situation will take our community, we are counting on the communities continued support of United Way's emergency grantmaking endeavors to expand how we are able to help.

Social distancing forces us apart, but compassion defies distance.

Want to do something to help? Give to United Way’s COVID-19 Emergency Grant-Making Fund—and help fight for the health of every person in our community.

Read more about how your United Way is helping nonprofits with emergency grants. 

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