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Filling the gaps and creating better systems so all families can thrive.

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United Way’s approach is based on a simple value proposition: United is the best Way to Help. Through this approach, we are uniquely able to drive our community’s effort to help all families build  sustainable financial foundations.

We work with agencies and families, lifting them out of poverty, opening up educational opportunities, providing access to healthcare and bringing relief in crisis. We repair and build stronger foundations that address pervasive, systemic gaps for people in our community and, at the same time, tackle immediate needs for those impacted by crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

By working with social services agencies, governmental agencies, community leaders, donors and more, we wrap our community in unending support. And as we work together, the power of generous donors, hardworking agency teams and solution-seeking community advocates demonstrate that our efforts can be applied further, for more people and in more places, than if we were working alone. That’s the true way to help. The United Way.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati is made up of a workforce of more than 90 committed individuals, tens of thousands of volunteers, 86,000 donors, more than 1,000 partner companies and 137 best-in-class social services agencies. We are committed to supporting the health, education, financial stability and basic needs of all families in our community. Together we are dedicated to helping all people across the Cincinnati region to thrive.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati serves communities in 10 counties:

  • Hamilton, Brown, Butler and Clermont counties in Ohio
  • Boone, Campbell, Grant, and Kenton counties in Northern Kentucky
  • Dearborn and Ohio counties in Southeast Indiana

United We Can Help

Build a community where all people have a chance to thrive.