Family History of Diabetes Leads To Action

"We all deserve to be our best selves."

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Dianne's mother and grandmother both had diabetes. Because of that, she proactively sought to improve her healthcare so that she would be at lower risk for the disease. In 2015 she was feeling sluggish and not like herself. She enrolled in the Diabetes Prevention Program with YMCA of Greater Cincinnati,  which consists of 25 sessions for qualified participants over the course of a year. The program also connects participants with a certified lifestyle coach to help facilitate conversations around healthier eating, physical activity, and other behavior changes.

Two key goals of the program are to reduce body weight by 7% and increase physical activity to 150 minutes per week. Over the course of that year, Dianne lost 80 pounds. She did this by committing to a healthier lifestyle and to 11,000 steps per day. United Way of Greater Cincinnati helps make the testing possible and also provides funds for those who are not covered by insurance. Enrollment into the program also includes a partial membership to the YMCA. Dianne believes that the program is a vital part of the community, and that people need the support provided by the partnership between United Way and YMCA. She said we all deserve to be our best selves, and programs like this make it possible. Dianne was so inspired by her life coach that she wants to provide that same type of support and encouragement to others who may need it.

Dianne is one of 365,000 people served annually by the services of United Way of Greater Cincinnati.



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