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Build a community where all people have a chance to thrive.

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Video Credit: United Way of Greater Cincinnati. United is the way to help.

Too many families in our community, while working to build a better life, experience a support system with foundational cracks. Those challenges leave them vulnerable to inadequate education, underemployment, poor health care, inability to meet basic food and housing needs and more.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati works to fill the gaps, repair the foundation and build better systems so all families have a chance to thrive. We bring together social service agencies, governments, community leaders, businesses and donors to tackle persistent, community-wide problems in a coordinated, comprehensive way.

We know united is the best way to help our community. We harness the collective power of resources to apply the efforts further, for more people and in more places, than if we were working alone.

COVID-19 has exposed cracks even for families who previously were on solid ground. Now, more than ever, united is the way to wrap our community in support. To stabilize families. To build stronger, more resilient systems so all people can live the life they envision for themselves.

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