A move for mobility

Bellhops make physical therapy possible for accident victim

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Lamonte Loga’s son was crossing a busy street in Hixson when he became victim to a hit-and-run. He was transported to a local hospital where his heart stopped three times. Fortunately, he survived the accident. However, it left him significantly injured and facing a long road of physical therapy to regain mobility.

Not knowing where to turn, Lamonte contacted United Way of Greater Chattanooga to ask about assistance moving a 17-foot, 300-pound handicap ramp from his relatives’ land to his home, where his son also lives. That’s when Carl Rohsenberger, director of Development Operations, had the idea to call in Chattanooga-based moving company, Bellhops.

Eager to lend a hand (and a truck), a team of Bellhops movers met in the field to lift the ramp onto the truck and move it to Lamonte’s home. Rain and tires stuck in mud couldn’t stop this determined group from finishing the job.

“Since Chattanooga is the place we all call home, we were happy to help Lamonte with this move,” said Cameron Doody, president of Bellhops. “Through United Way, we were able to use our resources to help a local family in need, and that’s a great feeling.”

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