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AIM Center offers community for adults with mental illness

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“My favorite part of the Clubhouse is visual communications,” Aaron said, smiling. “I also create our Clubhouse newsletter and give tours to our guests.”

The AIM Center works with adults to successfully manage their mental health. Their Clubhouse program enhances recovery in living, working, learning and social environments. Service recipients, or “members,” can choose from a variety of activities to participate in, ranging from visual communications, physical activities, culinary work, technology and more. AIM Center also has a robust member services program, where members can find employment, housing and get relationship and communication help.

Aaron worked with the AIM Center’s Supported Employment program to get a part-time job at Food City, in addition to being an active Clubhouse member. Rodney Battles, president at the AIM Center, believes their model works because of a dedicated focus on adults and holistic health.

“It’s amazing to see the community that exists at the Clubhouse,” he said. “Our members accept and respect each other while working side-by-side to build their individual recovery plans. We believe relationships and work equal recovery, and we see proof of that every day at the Center.”

Through the mutual belief in the power of connection, United Way of Greater Chattanooga partners with the AIM Center to make sure adults in the Chattanooga area are healthy and thriving.

May is Mental Health Month. Learn more about the AIM Center on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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