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FamilyWize has saved $12 million for Chattanooga families

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Paying for prescription medications can be expensive and complicated. Even for those who have insurance, depending on what prescriptions you need, you can still have a big total at the pharmacy. FamilyWize is helping families prevent this.

FamilyWize is a national program that negotiates discounts on medications. Customers show a FamilyWize card at the pharmacy to receive the discounts. The card and app are free, and nationally, they’ve saved 13 million people more than $1.5 billion. Everyone is eligible for the discount card whether you’re insured or not, and the card can be shared with friends or family.

Locally, users of the FamilyWize program have saved $12.3 million on prescription costs. Through a partnership with United Way of Greater Chattanooga, more than 114,000 families are saving money at the pharmacy through this program.

“We’re excited to see the people of greater Chattanooga realize the benefits of our prescription discount card,” said Vickie Nisbet, Director of Community Relations at FamilyWize. “We hope that they continue to use the card and share it with others, as it can provide significant savings.”

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