Day of Action - June 21st

Volunteer at home or in-person!

Give to United Way

Your generous contribution will enable us to keep fighting for the health of every person in your community.

Day of Action is a chance to show everyone in our community that even though we are apart, we are United. Join in by finding a volunteer activity that is right for you. Whether that be utilizing a specific skill, donating funds, or brainstorming ways to make life-long habits - there is always something for each of us to do!

Volunteer From Home

If you're someone who is passionate about education with special interests in history, science, and/or anthropology, the Smithsonian Institute always has some great virtual opportunities. These include import work such as transcribing historical documents and updating relevant Wikipedia pages.  

Commit to some new eco-friendly goals and work towards more sustainable lifestyle. 

Go through your closet and to ready to donate gently used women's work clothing to YWCA on June 27th.

Like to sew? You can sew masks along with this local Facebook group or even make curtains for cat shelters.

Host a virtual exercise class for the elderly.

In-Person Activities

We are invested in keeping volunteers like you and our community safe. All in-person activities are design to keep volunteers safe while still giving you an opportunity to make a difference. 

Volunteer your time at our local farmer's market! There are several ways you can help out. 

Help keep homebound seniors fed by volunteering to deliver meals.

Clean up trash around your community. Remember to be careful of sharp objects and wear gloves!

Hand out activity bags that help people stay connected with the community.

Help make the city more beautiful by planting and taking care of trees.

Are you a hair stylist? Use those skills and volunteer to do haircuts for people experiencing homelessness.

COVID-19 Community Response
As the coronavirus pandemic continues, those within our community are still being affects by the virus. If you're looking for volunteer opportunities directly in response to COVID-19 here are some ideas! 

Donate to our COVID-19 Response Fund.

These are just a handful of ideas. There are a whole lot more over on our volunteer portal. 

No matter which one you choose to do - share it with us! Tag us on social media and let us know how you chose to Live United. We want to see the impact you're making on the community, and maybe inspire some others to join you on the way. 

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