A Simple Phone Call Unlocks A World Of Assistance

2-1-1, a 24/7 Help Resource Hotline

Looking for a quick connection to local supports that United Way helps to provide?

Download our Quick Resource Guide for local numbers and support options in Madison County.

​When families need help paying rent, keeping the utilities on or accessing ​any kind of crisis support, there is one essential ​resource ​that can be connected with to find ​​available help. More importantly, they are simply a phone call away - just dial 2-1-1!

Indiana's Connect to Help 2-1-1 service is accessible 24 hours a day in multiple languages to answer questions and lend guidance​. Their job is to connect callers to available resources that may meet their need. 2-1-1 specialists are trained professionals with access to a robust database of local knowledge​ and supports covering​ the following areas:

  • Rent / Utility Bills Assistance
  • Healthcare
  • Housing / Emergency Shelter
  • Rx Assistance
  • Food / Clothing Banks
  • Senior Services
  • Mental Health Assistance
  • GED / ESL Classes
  • Legal Assistance
  • Youth Programs
  • Support Groups
  • And MORE!


2-1-1 navigators help connect families to needed services, uncover underlying problems and find solutions.​ Anyone can call 2-1-1 on behalf of someone else or simply tell those in need about the service and share the simple phone number. 2-1-1 covers 95% of the country so just about anywhere there is a need, 2-1-1 can help get them connected to help. ​

Basic necessities- food, housing, and utilities- account for the three most commonly requested needs ​with 2-1-1 ​by those living in Madison County.​ Households continuously use 2-1-1 to get answers and find help on multiple occasions. 2-1-1 truly is a one-stop shop of information and it's supported by United Way of Madison County for our community.

Want a quick reference for 2-1-1 and local crisis services. Download our Quick Resource Guide and have a world of help at your fingertips.

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