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United Way's THRIVE Network is having a positive impact in the lives of our neighbors who are working hard, yet still coming up short at the end of the month.

THRIVE Network coaches start with the belief that the families we are working with are creative, resourceful and whole. With that as the foundation, our coaches work to build the confidence, skill, and ability to overcome barriers so that participants can begin dreaming of and achieving a better future. So far the results are impressive:

  • 29% of participants earned certifications that will help them get a better job
  • 54% of participants found new or better jobs
  • 37% of participants are working toward long term financial goals

What is equally striking is the number of participants who have met and are working toward multiple goals in their quest to achieve financial stability. Nearly 30 percent of the individuals in the THRIVE Network have been working toward four or more goals. Proving that a cookie cutter approach to helping families achieve long term self-sufficiency will not work, each individual has a unique mix of objectives that they wish to achieve.

For some, it’s getting a certification, then finding a (better) job, then developing and maintaining a budget, and paying off debt. For others, it is getting a better paying job, paying off debt, building credit and realizing the dream of owning a home. Regardless of the path and ultimate goal, THRIVE Coaches are there every step of the way encouraging and supporting our neighbors as they work toward their aspirations.

Top goals set by THRIVE clients include:

  • Find full-time employment
  • Complete certification
  • Find part-time employment
  • Save money
  • Pay off debts

In an effort to ensure families in the northern part of Madison County could access THRIVE Network services, United Way established regular office hours in Elwood at the Hope Center and Alexandria. While there are regular office hours in each location, coaches are able to meet by appointment at times that are convenient for participants. The success of this approach to achieving long term stability has prompted requests for further expansions of the THRIVE Network, which we will be working toward in the coming year.

Interested in enrolling in the THRIVE Network, fill out our online interest form or call our office at 765-608-3060. There is no cost to participate in the THRIVE Network.

THRIVE Network Partners & LocationsAnderson Impact Center - 630  Nichol Ave., Anderson | 765-356-9497
Childrens Bureau, Anderson - 3047 Broadway, Anderson | 765-643-8022
Hope Center - 208 S. Anderson St, Elwood | 765-608-3062
Church at Broadway Park - 302 N. West St, Alexandria |765-608-3062
Dove Harbor - 765-642-1853
Stripped Love - 765-298-1712
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