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Located on the city’s west side, Austin is Chicago’s largest community area with approximately 100,000 residents. The community faces many social and economic challenges such as an unemployment rate that has remained above 20% for two decades, 30% of community children living in poverty, and property and business owners struggling to find the capital to develop and grow their businesses. While the issues facing the community may seem daunting, there are so many residents and community leaders willing to take on these challenges with passion and commitment.

The Neighborhood Network in Austin brings social service providers, schools, local government agencies, faith-based institutions and residents together to tackle some of those big challenges. With an unemployment rate of roughly 20%, Austin Neighborhood Network partners know that helping people find quality jobs will address many of the challenges Austin faces including crime and violence, poverty, and low graduation rates. That’s why they set a bold goal to help almost 3,000 people find and retain living wage work by 2025.

The Neighborhood Network is on a path to success. They have established a work team focused on financial stability and have already helped numerous community residents find sustainable, quality employment. Help us change the lives of individuals and families in Austin by joining the fight for financial stability.

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