2020 United Way Campaign

Stay Strong. Stay United.

United Way & You

Together, we can build a strong community that takes care of everyone who lives here depends on your generous support.

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The emergence and rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has disrupted lives throughout our community and in ways that many of us never expected. Our focus on the immediate situation should not allow us to overlook the consequences that closed schools, shuttered workplaces and overwhelmed hospitals are having on people’s longer-term education, health and financial stability, particularly the most vulnerable in our community.

Join us to take the next step toward recovery. Our campaign is more important than ever in providing United Way and its partners with the resources to help our community recover, including building resiliency and providing tutoring for elementary school children. As the Midlands slowly emerges from this pandemic, we can’t go back to normal. We must do better, and we must do it differently. Your support is more crucial than ever to help both children and adults bridge the gaps that this virus has created.

Join United Way at the forefront in re-thinking how we provide all people with the health, education and economic opportunities they need and deserve.

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