Inspire a Love of Reading in a Child

Volunteer with United Way's Midlands Reading Consortium

United Way’s Midlands Reading Consortium (MRC) offers a library of services including a one-to-one tutoring program, book donations, book nook opportunities, at-home libraries through the Be a Book Bunny program, parent engagement events, guest reading opportunities for both individuals and companies and summer reading camp opportunities. 

MRC volunteers who participate in the one-to-one tutoring program meet with their student once a week for 30 minutes during school. The program was designed to make it easy for anyone, even working professionals, to volunteer. Jordan Heavner has volunteered with MRC for four years.

“It’s such a rewarding experience because you can have the craziest day at work and having that time to disconnect and go work with a student really sets you on the right path going back to work,” said Heavner.

More than 500 students are tutored through MRC each year, including Alana Stroker’s daughter, Presley.

“Presley’s reading buddies were unbelievable! I am so grateful to them! She’s always been challenged with reading, but not anymore,” Stroker said. “Their help every Monday, our hard work at home and the attentiveness of her awesome teacher took her from challenged to right on target. And even better, now she LOVES to read.”

MRC currently serves students in more than 20 schools in eight districts across the Midlands.

“Throughout the year I see the impact of the program,” said Heavner. “I think that what I’m doing is less about teaching my student how they should be reading and more about giving them that one-on-one attention, boosting their confidence and acknowledging their efforts.

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