Making more than a donation

A family asks friends and family to help donate warm weather items

Together, We Can

Building a strong community that takes care of everyone who lives here depends on your generous support.

The world of the homeless may seem very far from yours, but in some ways it is not. The loss of a job, the illness or death of a spouse or a child, or a severe physical disability could be the road to homelessness for any of us.  

While walking around townFrancesca Mullins’ son, Roman, saw a couple people sleeping on benches and it raised questions. Following the discussion with his mom, he asked if they could by some coats and blankets for the homeless.  

“I thought it would be a great learning opportunity,” Francesca said. “He (her son) asked friends, family, neighbors, members of the golf course and I asked at work.” 

The goal was to collect a total of 50 coats and blankets.  

“It turned out to be so much more,” Francesca said. “We were so happy to help and be a part of it.” 

The donation will be used and given out during the Point in Time (PIT) Count. The count is a national effort led by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to estimate the number of Americans without safe, stable housing to produce a one-day snapshot of community needs.  

If you are interested in donating warm weather items including scarves, gloves and hats for the point in time count, click here and view the wishlist 

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