WellPartners continue to serve during COVID-19

Providing dental care for patients in the Midlands

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Even during a pandemic people still experience dental pain. 

During a time of stay at home orders across the state, WellPartners Adult Dental Clinic provided care by appointments. The children’s clinic was closed except for emergencies. 

Under social distance guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the clinic has limited access to the area while continuing its care for those in need. Regular clinic guidelines have remained in place in addition to the new guidelines.

“The challenge for us, is that we are still available to provide those necessary services during this time,” said Tamara Stockton, DDS, MAGD.

Dr. Stockton oversees the Wellness Partners adult dental clinic for uninsured and underinsured in the Midlands. The services include preventive and restorative care.

“Another reason it is important to keep this clinic open is to keep patients with dental problems out of emergency rooms,” Stockton added.

Hospital emergency rooms typically do not have a dentist on staff. Patients are prescribed antibiotics and painkillers and are told to visit their dentist.

COVID-19 may have restricted movement of people, but the dentists and clinicians continued to provide access to care during a difficult time.

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