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Tim learns the power of coping skills

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Tim’s* success in school was limited. Due to multiple diagnoses of which ADHD was one component, his attention was limited and he had meltdown tantrums daily. A behavioral health counselor, provided by the school through United Way and Mercy Community Healthcare, worked with Tim and he began to learn how to calm himself down.

The counselor also connected his family to medical care and Tim was given an appointment with their psychiatric team. He got on the right medication and this began to speed up the process of therapy. Tim became aware of being tense before he had a meltdown and his behavior improved in the classroom. He could pay attention for longer periods of time, leading to an improvement in his grades.

Now when Tim sees another child upset he will go up to them and say, “I can teach you how to calm down.” The school was struggling to keep Tim in the classroom and provide an education for him and now he is making excellent grades and teaching others how to stay calm and regulated.

United Way's proactive approach, placing therapists in the schools, is working with students to get them back on track, before they reach a crisis level. Read about results from the first three years of the program.

*Name changed to protect identity of beneficiary

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