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More than 15% of Americans live in poverty without the resources necessary to meet daily living expenses.

"There are so many issues today that I care about and I can't always find the time to dedicate to the ones that matter most to me."

Did you know that more than half of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients are children and the elderly? And, for the remaining working-age individuals, many of which are employed, the majority of SNAP households do not receive cash welfare benefits to buy groceries.

SNAP helps our neighbors – be they a senior living on a fixed income, a working mom earning $10 an hour, or a vet barely getting by – put food on the table. Without SNAP, families who are already struggling may have to decide between putting gas in their car to get to work or feeding their kids a healthy meal.

And, now our nation’s most successful anti-hunger program is at risk. If the House Agriculture Committee Farm Bill (H.R. 2) ends or cuts SNAP benefits a substantial number of low-income Americans, including veterans, would have an increase in food insecurities and hardship.

Urge your elected officials to protect SNAP in the Farm Bill. It takes only a minute. Simply click the link below to let your voice be heard. United Way will submit your letter on your behalf to your local official office.

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