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“The day I found myself scraping quarters off the back seat of my car so my kids could eat was the day I decided to ask for help,” said Jenni, a mom with two boys doing homework in the next room. “I still remember walking into the center for help. It opened a whole world of assistance—people who were caring and knowledgeable and connected us with what we needed.”

Jenni is “one” of the 1 in 3 women in Indiana who has been abused by an intimate partner. Four years ago, she was living out of her car with her two sons to escape from her abusive husband. At the time, she had a good-paying job with a major manufacturer. But after each paycheck, he would drain her bank account, leaving Jenni and the boys with nowhere to turn for everyday necessities and no way to escape. Experiences like these are called Adverse Childhood Experiences—and they can alter the architecture of a child’s brain making success in school and life all the more challenging.

Thanks to you, support was there through United Way funded programs. Jenni and her sons were able to escape her abuser. With shelter and counseling, Jenni was able to take back her life. The boys were able to participate in after-school programs that helped them catch up in school. Moreover, they have a renewed sense of hope.

“I remember what it was like to feel hopeless, and then how it felt when I saw that help was out there for us,” Jenni said. “It means a lot that people who didn’t even know us made sure the resources were available. It makes this a great community to live in. I wish I could thank them.”

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