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“We knew Brandon might struggle starting Kindergarten. We didn't have the money for pre-school and we were really worried he'd already be behind. I don't know what we would have done without this help.”

6 year old Brandon’s family is like many others who are also unable to enroll their kids in high-quality preschool. Fortunately, they found they could enroll Brandon in a four-week Camp through United Way that is designed to prepare children like Brandon with little or no preschool experience to thrive in their new roles as kindergartners.

Thanks to United Way donors there is zero cost to families for their children to attend the Camp. Your support helps teachers and volunteers work with students, teaching them how to get along with others and practice following directions and rules, as well as writing their names and recognizing shapes, letters and numbers.

Brandon’s parents saw a huge improvement in his ability to sit quietly and listen to the teacher after attending the camp. Thanks to you, Brandon also showed measurable improvement in his reading skills and is better prepared to succeed in school. United Way donors make it possible for children in our community can be kindergarten-ready, no matter their family resources.

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