When A Paycheck Is Not Enough



United Way's ALICE Project showcases a group of Americans that barely scrape by every month just to survive.

Living paycheck to paycheck while hovering just above the poverty line is the reality for over 44% percent of families in the Wabash Valley, according to a report from The United Way’s ALICE Project.

ALICE is a United Way acronym that stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. An ALICE individual is employed and can keep their income level above the poverty line so they do not receive government assistance however they are barely able to support their family. They do not have money in savings and are one emergency away from having their lives turned upside down.

The ALICE report is compiled bi-annually by the United Way and features a county by county breakdown in percentages of households who fall below the ALICE threshold, a metric that weighs a local household survival budget with the amount of income that household actually brings in.  You can find a copy of the Indiana report at: unitedwayalice.org/Indiana.

The United Way of the Wabash Valley is working to create a stronger community for all by focusing on reducing the amount of ALICE individuals and families. Our long-term bold goal is to move 10,000 families from financial struggles and into stability. But we can’t do this alone, it will take a well-rounded community approach that focuses on multiple areas that affect people’s lives: Education, Health, Financial Stability, Neighborhoods, and Safety Net.

Your donation to the United Way is an investment toward our bold goal and a step towards creating a brighter future. With your support, we will be able to continue to fight for a stronger community.

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