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"One of our employees comes from a home with financial difficulties. He never has food at home to bring in for lunch. This grant has provided us the ability to make sure he has plenty of fresh, healthy food to eat for lunch every day of the week which helps him stay healthy. We also use part of the grant for the cooking program here. This provides healthy meals for all individuals weekly as well. On Fridays we are able to send leftovers home with individuals like our employee so they have some assistance at home on the weekend."

Achieva Adult Guardianship

"We received a call regarding a 29 year0old dually-diagnosed female who had been committed to Reid Health nine months prior to their referral for guardianship. The young woman's mother and father had a long history of abuse. The young woman had been bounced from facility to facility across interstate compacts for nearly fifteen years, and ultimately resulted in removal from sheltered workshop and supported living opportunities due to increased behaviors. After nearly eleven months in the psych ward at Reid, Achieva was able to obtain guardianship and the young woman was placed in a supported living facility with two roommates."

Boys and Girls Club

"Our success with increasing our prevention reach began with the inclusion of the Richmond Police Department in our training certification effort to establish more resources to present Too Good For Drugs and it culminated in providing the prevention course to every 4th grader in
Richmond Community Schools. The data we have gathered specifically from the 4th grade cohorts presented by Richmond Police Office Matt Davis, has shown student improvement in 17 of 20 skills tested as part of the Too Good For Drugs evaluation. For those three skills the data determined that students already felt responsible for choosing to have a safe and healthy life and therefore there was little room to improve and the data provided some support for focusing on two key attitudes relative to decisions about marijuana use and tobacco addiction. In post course self-reporting surveys just over 90% of students noted improvement in their health and life skills as well as their character and leadership skills."

Centerville United Methodist Church

"Several of our families have come to the food ministry every month and have indicated to us that without the food items supplied by our ministry, they wouldn’t make it through the month.  With refrigeration, we were able to supply a meat product during the holidays and people were extremely glad to receive it.  We serve all ages, from a three-week-old infant to a ninety-five-year-old World War II veteran."

Independent Living Center of Eastern Indiana

"After providing a threshold ramp that gave access through the front door and onto the front porch, we next provided a ramp from the porch onto front yard area.  The recipient, a father with young children told us he feels like, “…a father again.  I can be outside with my children.”  Prior to receiving these two ramps, he could only watch his children through the front window or door."

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