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Boys Girls Club 

"154 of our Indiana Kids (50% or participants) improved both their reading and Math test scores by 15% or greater on Indiana Kids progress tests. One particular club member, a 4th grader, who attends the Jeffers Club almost daily, pre tested at a third grade level for both Math and Reading at the beginning of the current school year and in his posttest recently administered he was at a 6th grade math level and a 6.6 grade level for reading. This is a member who has faced a number of familial challenges, but has responded well to the additional time spent on improving his academic skills."


"Everyone at Y-Care goes above and beyond to include our grandson who is on the autism spectrum. They include him in activities on days that he wants to be included, and on days that he does not; they provide activities for him to do on his own. On days he is not on his best behavior, they have educated themselves on how best to react to that. They are also very attentive to all the children in the program."

Amigos Latino Center

"A past participant received an Indiana Campus Compact Community Commitment Award and credited the influence of Corazon Latino in his middle school years to  help establish a foundation he still builds on today as a busy college student. He stated that Corazon helped shape his leadership skills in an article from IU East."

Townsend Community Center

"We had a participant who was not reading at his 3rd grade level nor did he comprehend what he was reading.  This young man also had behavior issues at home & at school.  Mom was a caregiver to her terminally ill mother.  Many evenings they would not get
home until late, & he may or may not eat. Also, she stated she was not able to assist him with his homework.  This is due to her lack of understanding his assignments, especially math, it is not like the old math she learned when attending school.  After talking with the child, mom, teachers, & Principal, the Program Coordinator worked directly with the child.  Also, another Staff member was assigned to work with the participant. It was noted, after the child ate a snack, he was able to concentrate on his school work.  If he had additional homework to complete, when he completed his dinner, he would work on it until he left Harambee for the day.  Both, his progress reports & behaviors, were reflections of his self-confidence in his ability to complete the educational requirements set by Richmond Community Schools.   He received the best progress report he has had."

Communities in Schools

“This month I was able to help out 3 students with basic needs by working with the ladies at Centerstone. All 3 of these boys were from different families and desperately needed hygiene products. I was able to get each student the products they needed and even got two of the families food. This month we also started a program with the cafeteria staff that allows us to give extra meals to families every week. So, Jennifer (high school site coordinator) and I were able to connect a family to some extra food to help this grandparent feed 5 children.”

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